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landscape design concept drawings

Landscape Design

From concept to completion, we'll incorporate all your wants and needs into a design that integrates function and beauty that you'll enjoy for years to come.

Landscape Installation

After the plans are finalized, consider us to do the heavy lifting. We'll create your ideal outdoor living space, adding curb appeal so you can take pride in your property.

Providing Garden Coaching

Garden Coaching

Garden coaching is perfect for the do-it-yourselfer with the ability and time who just needs some questions answered to get started. With more than 30 years in the landscape industry, Four Seasons Landscaping can help make gardening enjoyable and productive for you. Let us answer your questions regarding taking care of your existing garden; when and how to prune and split plants; reducing or increasing the overall size of your garden; garden weed control; which plants help pollinators; and how to improve your turf’s performance. Have other questions? We can help with those, too!

Prairie Installation

Prairie Installation

Illinois is referred to as the “Prairie State,” so let’s do our part to keep this tradition alive! Installing a prairie on your property has many benefits. Prairies reduce the dependence on weekly mowing, resulting in reduction of your carbon footprint. They use little to no fertilizer. Nitrogen and phosphorus runoff are reduced or, in some cases, eliminated. Prairies provide a habitat for many diverse varieties of plants, supporting a wide range of birds, butterflies and other pollinators. Their extensive root system helps to make the plants drought resistant, reducing soil erosion.

Container Maintenance

Container Gardening

Colorful annuals planted in containers can welcome each new season by framing a front entryway, adding a splash of color to an otherwise blank deck or patio, bringing an accent to a front porch and more. We take the guesswork out of what annual goes where and which ones grow together. Our use of self-watering pots relieves the burdensome chore of watering every day.

Pollinator Garden

Pollinator Garden

Incorporating a pollinator garden into your yard is a great way to assist mother nature’s helpers. When done properly, pollinator gardens attract a multitude of butterflies, bees, birds and even hummingbirds. A pathway into the pollinator garden is an excellent way to make the garden interactive.

Water Features

Water Features

There is nothing like the relaxing sound and movement of water. Choose from many styles of real granite or handmade columnar fountains and vases. Water features are a low-maintenance, high-reward addition to anyone’s existing or new garden.



Nightscaping can enhance the features of our homes, creating shadows to uplight trees; highlighting an otherwise dark corner to the entrance; or washing a wall with lights for a subtle yet dramatic effect. Nightscaping helps add security, value and curb appeal.

Grass overseeding


Overseeding introduces new cultivars that are more drought and disease resistant, helping to fill bare spots in the yard and lessening our dependence on chemicals. A thicker, healthier turf stifles weed growth.

Lawn top dressing

Top Dressing

Compost is the ultimate tool to achieve a thicker, greener lawn. It increases the organic matter in the soil, allowing for a quicker green-up in the spring.

And Much more!

Landscape Bed Maintenance
Shredded Bark Mulching
Bed Redefining
New Lawn Seeding
Prairie Pockets

Erosion Control

Turf Renovation
Rain Garden
Wildflower Pockets

Stellar Turf

Enjoy working your turf or have a lawn care service maintain your turf? Let Four Seasons Landscaping fill the “gap” in your quest to a fuller, denser turf that your neighbors will envy!

With more than 30 years in the industry, Four Seasons Landscaping can incorporate cutting-edge technology into your turf. From Aera-vating and overseeding to top dressing and primary seeding, Four Seasons Landscaping can make your turf a stellar showplace!


Top Dressing

Grass Seeding











Ready to start your next gardening project? Our professionals have done the design work for you. Purchase any of the designs below and you'll receive a shopping list; a photo catalog of the suggested plants; the garden layout with dimensions; a colorized callout of the garden layout; and information on each of the suggested plants, including height, width, color, sun, soil and care information. Please note: Plants are not included. Our gardens are designed for Climate Zone 5 on a reasonably flat plane. If specified plants are not available, substitutions are welcomed. Ask your local garden center for assistance in choosing substitutions. Installation on undulating topography will require adjustments.


3D rendering of Flower Power Simplistic Garden Collection

Flower Power Simplistic Garden Collection


3D rendering of Pollinator Simplistic Garden Collection

Pollinator Simplistic Garden Collection


3D rendering of Winter Garden Simplistic Garden Collection

Winter Garden Simplistic Garden Collection


3D rendering of Perennial Garden Simplistic Garden Collection

Perennial Garden Simplistic Garden Collection




Owner Mark Thomaschefsky is a graduate of Kishwaukee College with a degree in landscape design and golf course management, and has been a landscape contractor serving the Sauk Valley area since 1988. Mark is a member of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers and Proven Winners Certified Landscape Professionals.

He thoroughly enjoys new construction, as well as taking a client’s landscape from overgrown and outdated to one that is modern, and one that both the client and Thomaschefsky are proud of. It is also very satisfying to see a worn-out, weed-infested lawn be transformed into one that can be the envy of the neighborhood.

Mark believes in being stewards of the land. "We have only one earth and if we don’t do our part to take care of it," he says, "future generations will not be able to enjoy the natural resources we have today."

Flower annuals


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What Our Clients Say

We've been working with Mark at Four Seasons Landscaping for a season, and it's been a terrific start to what I hope will be a very long-term relationship. I called Four Seasons, because we wanted a little nightscaping, and our turf was struggling.
Mark has really breathed life into the turf through his expertise in a number of innovative procedures. By the end of our first season together, I finally had hope that a healthy, green, and weed-free lawn was possible.
Mark is reliable, professional, and a great communicator. Projects would be completed so much more efficiently, if all contractors had Mark's professional behaviors. We've been delighted with the work he's done and all of the projects we've begun look amazing. I wholeheartedly recommend Mark and Four Seasons Landscaping for all of your landscaping needs.

Julie & Kip Aiken

Mark is a top-notch landscape designer from the beginning stages to the final product. He provided us with not only black and white designs showing the plant layout but has technology to go beyond showing us in color 3D video exactly how the gardens would look upon completion. His knowledge of plants, which plants thrive in various conditions and how they will complement each other in the garden was undeniable...even adding a water feature. Mark had a vision for our pollinator garden and then had the skills to make it happen. He not only designs but does all the seeding, planting, top dressing as well. Mark is willing to share his knowledge, teaching us the best way to prune, fertilize and care for our own in the future. We are very pleased with the work Mark has done for us and will use him again as we continue to landscape around our home. We would highly recommend him!

Nancy & Brent Tegeler

Knowledgeable about plants. Amazing bed design. Great people to work with. I'm excited to work with Mark on our future projects.

Jamie & Ethan Brooks, Sterling, IL

Love our new water feature... Everyday there's a new back yard!

Rhonda & Mike Miller, Sterling, IL

Four Seasons Landscaping provided great service. We received excellent results & really appreciate the great advice from Mark’s years of experience.

Angie & Jeff Moore, Nelson, IL

Mark did a great job with our lawn. It is looking noticeably better, even after we challenged him to turn our yard around without using chemicals.

Kristin & Dr. Steve Carlson, Dixon, IL

Our lawn was in dire need of help. Mark made it spectacular!

Darlene & Don Vock, Polo, IL

Mark is an experienced pro that did a great job for us. Would recommend to everyone!

Rochelle Veterinary Hospital

We are very happy with the work Mark did on our landscaping project. He is very knowledgeable & professional. He suggested plants & trees that will flourish around our home. We will definitely use his services again.

Janice & Kevin Deets, Polo, IL

I highly recommend Four Seasons Landscaping! Mark is so knowledgeable and helpful! They are wonderful to work with! My kids have learned so much and my yard looks great!!

Amy Jones



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